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L1 Retail

Leveraging a strong track record in retail to buy and build the next generation of retailers internationally

Retail markets and concepts continue to change at an unprecedented speed, stimulated and challenged by consumer trends, technological disruption and the increased relevance of sustainability to retail strategies.

But despite these changes, Retail is a sector of huge potential that is vital to our daily lives. L1 Retail is a differentiated investor with a longer-term horizon than many. We look for platforms that can be positioned for strong, sustainable growth over 10 years and beyond.

Our year in review

Looking back on a year of resilience, ingenuity and achievement.

Our year in review - L1 Retail
$ 2.1 bn

Net assets under management (31 Dec 2021)

The L1 Retail team

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Founded in 1870, Holland & Barrett is Europe's leading health and wellness retailer with over 1,000 stores across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium. In 2017 L1 Retail acquired 100% of Holland & Barrett.

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DIA is a spanish multinational company specialising in food, household and personal care products, with 6000 stores and 40,000 employees in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. L1 Retail owns 77.7% of Distribuibora Internacional de Alimentacion (DIA).

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