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Our businesses

A world-class, diversified global business

As long-term, active investors, we have deep expertise in sectors that are fundamental to society’s long-term prosperity. We run our businesses through four main units: L1 Energy, L1 Health, L1 Technology, L1 Retail. These units are supported by L1 Treasury, who manage our liquidity. Whether through minority holdings or full ownership, we hope to grow firms that deliver for the future needs of society.

L1 has clear investment priorities focused on the future that set us apart from others.

We invest actively, for long-term value. We think as owners, not as financial investors.

About us

We make large-scale investments in sectors that reflect society’s long-term needs.

Our businesses

Our businesses will only deliver financial performance if they are able to adapt to social, environmental and technological changes. This rests on maintaining best-in-class corporate governance and behaviour that has the support of society.

ESG and our impact on society

Our active investments

As entrepreneurs with a long-term horizon, we aim to buy and build great businesses that deliver long-term value for investors and society.

Our businesses