Turkcell Makes Good Progress

This year Turkcell continued to make good progress with its digital strategy. In 2019 revenue increased 18.1% and EBITDA increased 18.6 % year-on-year (all in-line with guidance) driven by disciplined inflationary pricing, increasing share of post-paid customers with 3x ARPU vs. pre-paid and upsell of larger data bundles and digital services.

Turkcell’s leading NPS position in the marketplace allowed it to grow 2pp faster than its closest competitor and increase its mobile revenue market share by 1pp in 2019 from 45.2% to 46.2%.

In early 2019, Turkcell sold its 45% stake in Fintur for EUR 353m, a joint venture holding company that used to own mobile operators in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova. In addition, Turkcell generated ~TRY 4.1bn of EqFCF ($0.7bn) that allowed it to decrease leverage by 0.4x to 1.0x Net debt / EBITDA post $0.2bn of dividends.


Turkcell increased revenue in 2019.


Increase in mobile revenue market in 2019.

Turkcell has announced that it is expecting to grow its high-value customer base by 1m p.a. in the next 3 years, increase consumer digital revenue by 2.5x from TRY 1bn to 2.5bn and share of online sales from 4% to 12%, as well as number of active users of fintech solutions from 4m to 17m.



TURKCELL is a converged telecommunication and technology services provider.

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