Leif Lindbäck (SENIOR PARTNER)

Leif Lindbäck

Mr Lindbäck is the Head of the New Investment team.

Prior to joining L1 Technology, Mr. Lindbäck served as Partner at Charterhouse LLP (2013 – 2015). He worked for Blackstone for 11 years until 2012 where he was a Managing Director. There, Mr. Lindbäck was involved in investments in Deutsche Telekom, Intertrust, TDC, Southern Cross/NHP, Spirit Group and Houghton Miffin, and evaluated several investments in the energy and power and oilfield services sectors. He previously worked in Morgan Stanley’s private equity group. He has a master in finance from the ESCP.

L1 Technology Team

The L1 Technology Team is responsible for the sourcing, screening and presenting investment opportunities for approval by L1 Investment Holdings Board as well as the strategy and operational performance of the existing investment portfolio. L1 Technology Team is supported by an independent Advisory Board.