Alexander Pertsovsky (Managing partner)

Alexander Pertsovsky

Alexander is responsible for assets under management.

Alexander Pertsovsky joined L1 Technology on 1st January 2018 from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

At BAML Mr. Pertsovsky served as the Country Executive for Russia & CIS since February 2013. Prior to that, he was at Renaissance Capital, which he joined in 2002. He oversaw the institutional securities business and Group activities in Russia. He became a Chief Executive Officer of Renaissance Capital in 2007. In 1992 he founded Rinaco Plus, where he served as Chief Executive Officer, which up to 1998 was one of the leading Russian stock brokers. In October 1998 the company was merged with Nikoil Investment Group where he served as Managing Director and Board member, responsible for the company's brokerage operations. Alexander holds an MS degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Radio, Engineering and Automation. He also received an MBA from Columbia University in 2002.

L1 Technology Team

The L1 Technology Team is responsible for the sourcing, screening and presenting investment opportunities for approval by L1 Investment Holdings Board as well as the strategy and operational performance of the existing investment portfolio. L1 Technology Team is supported by an independent Advisory Board.