Francis Sommer (Partner)

Francis Sommer

Mr Sommer is responsible for the technical evaluation of new business opportunities and of L1 Energy's existing portfolio.

Prior to joining L1 Energy, Mr. Sommer was a Partner at Pamplona Capital Management Energy Team based in London, Executive Vice-President Technology and Senior Vice-President of Technology and Operations at TNK-BP based in Moscow (2005 – 2013) and held Executive technical/managerial positions at BP in North America, South America and Europe (1986 – 2005). Mr. Sommer graduated from New York University (USA) with a Bachelor Degree in Physics and from the University of Texas at Austin (USA) with a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Mr. Sommer is a Director at Nobel Oil E&P UK Limited and also a Director at Central European Petroleum Ltd.

L1 Energy Team

The L1 Energy Team is responsible for sourcing, screening and presenting investment opportunities for approval by the L1 Holdings Board. Once investments are made, the L1 Energy Team is responsible for the strategy and operational performance of the oil & gas investment portfolio.