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Irena Iozefson Schneider

Partner - L1 Retail

L1 Retail

Irina cut her teeth in mobile telecommunications in the 2000s, developed and honed her skillset with the industry in a very dynamic growth period, and has spent the last 10 years in senior leadership roles with the largest pure players in the digital sphere in Russia, from where she hails.

Initially with Yandex, an IT giant with a strong tech culture and deep product expertise, which is on display in the various products and diversified verticals from search to food delivery. Later she led and developed the e-Commerce ecosystem of the second of the two Russian tech giants, Mail.ru Group, which owns the leading social networks as well as entertainment and personal services. In her role of VP of e-Commerce growth, she facilitated the robust growth of market leaders in food delivery, ride-hailing, online marketplace, and local classifieds.

In 2020 she joined the Tech Advisory board of X5 Retail Group to offer her digital expertise to the executive team specific to strategy, digital transformation, and e-Commerce. Concurrently, she served as a non-executive director on the Holland & Barrett Board of Directors.