26 October 2020

Only a few days to go to submit entries for LetterOne Rising Stars Jazz awards

While a global pandemic has brought the live music industry to a standstill, the ‘LetterOne RISING STARS Jazz Award’ offers a glimpse of hope to aspiring musicians who have seen their concerts and tours vanish into thin air. The award presents an opportunity to win two readymade tours: 7 shows at major jazz festivals in Europe for the European winner and 10 shows at major jazz festivals in the USA and Canada for the winner of the North American edition. Both tours will take place in 2021. All jazz musicians can submit their material (3 soundsamples & 1 video) on our dedicated website www.l1risingstarsjazzaward.com and a jury will then select the next RISING STAR/s. The submission period began on August 1, 2020 and ends midnight on October 31, 2020.