12 February 2020

LetterOne sponsored UK Mathematics Trust hosts its annual team competition for sixth formers #youdothemaths #UKnextwaveoftalent

It definitely wasn’t as easy as pi for finalists at the UK’s Senior Team Maths Challenge in London on Tuesday 4th February, where aspiring mathematicians from across the country competed to claim the prestigious first place.

Over 1100 schools entered the regional competitions, run by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), and only the best 88 qualified to take part in the fiendishly testing national final, of which LetterOne is the sponsor.

First and foremost, the teams fought for the kudos of being crowned the best school maths team in the UK and it was Westminster School that eventually won the main event.

Separately, teams went head to head in a poster competition exploring the mathematical subject of ‘Structure and Symmetry in Chemistry’ where it was Bancroft’s School’s turn to come out on top.

Congratulations to all the members of the winning teams on this truly remarkable and impressive achievement. 

Bobby Seagull, one of the country’s most famous maths advocates, who is easily recognizable from his regular appearances on the BBC, was there in person to do a short speech, award the prizes and take photos with students and teachers who were thrilled to see him.

The sheer depth of talent on show was staggering and LetterOne is proud to sponsor UKMT helping events like this to take place.

The 88 teams came from every corner of the UK and the event is such a great way to engage students in the subject of maths, encouraging the next generation of mathematicians.

Supporting talent at a young age is important because, as an investment business, maths, and numerical literacy, are amongst the most important core skills that our employees must develop at school.

It is competitions like the Senior Team Maths Challenge that make maths exciting and ensure that there will be a next wave of talent for investment roles in the future.