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It’s been over a year since Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine commenced – a year that has been unimaginable for the millions of Ukrainians defending their country.
It’s been just under a year since L1 committed to make substantial funds available to support those affected by the war. Since then we have donated nearly $50mn to a wide variety of causes. It’s heartening to now be able to see just what is being achieved with that money.
It’s clear we have helped many charities to deliver vital support across food, shelter, medical supplies, education, water, mental health support, infrastructure, resettlement and financial aid. This has of course taken substantial efforts from all of those across L1 who have helped but most importantly, it has reached many hundreds of thousands of people in need.
I hope the attached document gives a sense of what is being achieved. There is more impact to come – our final donation of this wave was only transferred today and many of our partners have only started using our funds recently – but it shows the scale of our partners’ achievements.

Please see our overview here. A huge thank you to all who have made this happen.