Where we invest

L1 owns companies – and has equity investments in companies – with operations in 96 countries around the world. We are actively looking for more investment opportunities.

Map showing investment locations

We invest in particular sectors – were we have specialism – at the moment that is energy, telecoms and technology, health and retail.

We invest through L1 Energy, L1 Technology, L1 Health and L1 Retail. Our specialist sector investment teams have the freedom to get things done and capitalise on opportunities as markets evolve.

L1 also is a passive investor in private equity funds managed independently.

Investment by geography (USD $)

Investment by Geography in US dollars Pie chart. European Economic Area with $3.6 billion = 17%. Former Soviet Union with $2.7 billion = 12%. Mena with $3.1 billion = 14%. USA & Canada with $2.3 billion = 10%. RoW with $1.2 billion = 5% and Treasury with $9.3 billion = 42%