Our structure

We are an international investment business headquartered in Luxembourg.

LetterOne is an international investment business consisting of two groups which target investments in the energy, telecoms and technology, healthcare and retail sectors, where we have world class expertise.

Letterone Holdings S.A. ( “L1 Holdings”) is the ultimate parent of the group comprising L1 Energy, which invests in the energy sector.

Letterone Investment Holdings S.A. ( “L1 Investment Holdings”) is the ultimate parent of the group comprising LetterOne Technology (“L1 Technology”) and LetterOne Treasury Services (“L1 Treasury”), LetterOne Heathcare (“L1 Health”) and LetterOne Retail (“L1 Retail”). L1 Investment Holdings makes investments in the telecoms and technology sectors through L1 Technology, in the healthcare sector through L1 Health and in the retail sector through L1 Retail. L1 Treasury manages L1’s liquidity and financial investments.

In addition, L1 Investment Holdings is a passive investor in private equity funds that are managed independently.

Our structure diagram