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Long-term investment requires long-term thinking. Our businesses will only deliver financial performance if they are able to adapt to the future social, environmental and technological changes the world faces. The pandemic has only strengthened society’s – and L1's – belief in sustainable value.

L1's commitment covers three core areas:

1. How our businesses operate and behave.
2. How we contribute to progressive thought leadership at a global and national level.
3. How we give direct support to communities.

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Understanding and improving our impact on society is our primary responsibility. From our environmental footprint to our relationship with employees, customers and suppliers, we need to listen, and act. This is the core of L1's ESG policy.

Jonathan Muir

Our ESG principles

Principle 1: how our businesses operate and behave

L1 has taken the following actions in order to embed ESG in its investment processes:

  • L1 will incorporate ESG issues into its investment decisions and its portfolio management processes.
  • L1 will require all of the portfolio companies it controls to have an ESG policy and identify specific ESG priorities, risks, and opportunities.
  • L1 will review progress against portfolio company ESG targets through its six-monthly portfolio review process.
  • L1 will undertake an annual ESG analysis of the most significant companies in its portfolio to understand their approach to ESG risks and opportunities in more detail.
  • L1 will convene annual workshops to bring together the ESG leaders of its portfolio companies in order to facilitate sharing and promotion of best practice.
  • L1 is committed to providing all relevant L1 employees with regular training, comprehensive responsible investing guidance and access to relevant ESG tools.

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How our businesses operate and behave is our starting point. But we believe in going further. Because of this, we are trying to lead the conversation about the nature of economic measurement.

Lord Davies of Abersoch

Principle 2: contributing to progressive thought leadership at a global and national level

If measurement–such as GDP-continues to be solely financial at a country level, it will drive behaviour at a firm level that risks short-termism. So we have funded the Bennett Institute of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge to produce world-class thought leadership on new forms of measurement that include natural, social and human capital.

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By actively supporting causes that realise potential, we can help thousands of young people benefit from our skills and experience.

Josh Hardie

Principle 3: to support the communities in which we operate

Our business philosophy is to realise potential, and that’s the focus of our community support. From nurturing the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, to supporting excellence in jazz, maths and music, we are proud to be helping thousands of young people pursue their passions.

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