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Realising business potential

We are long-term active investors. We invest our own capital in companies where we believe our sector experience, and our strategic and geographic expertise, will improve performance.

Financial Highlights

We invest through L1 Energy, L1 Technology, L1 Health and L1 Retail. Our liquidity is managed by L1 Treasury. Our investments in private equity are managed independently.

$23.4 bn

Net assets

31 December 2019
(2018: $22.2bn)

$2.9 bn

Capital deployed

31 December 2019
(2018: $1.8bn)

$0.6 bn

Cash realisations

31 December 2019
(2018: $0.7bn)

5.79 %

Increase in net assets value

31 December 2019

$5.2 bn


31 December 2019
(2018: $6.6bn)

$0.2 bn

Dividends paid

31 December 2019
(2018: $0.5bn)

Net assets under management

At 31 December 2019


L1 Treasury and other assets



L1 Technology



L1 Energy



PE Funds



L1 Retail



PE Fund - Healthcare



L1 Health


Net assets under management

Return by business unit during 2019

Return by business unit during 2019

For more information on how we helped realise business potential in 2019, please see our Annual Review.