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L1 Retail aims to invest up to $3bn in a small number of retail businesses that we believe can become leaders in their segments or markets. We aim to create new market leaders by adding value, through our deep sector and strategic expertise in retail, coupled with our expertise in the disciplined execution of strategy.

“L1 Retail aims to find and develop 21st century retail
stars. We are leveraging
our strong track record
in retail to invest in and
build the next generation of retailers internationally.”

Stephan DuCharme

L1 Retail Managing Partner


L1 Retail will focus initially on investing internationally in retail businesses, initially in Europe, including the U.K, and the emerging markets. L1 Retail will focus on companies with customer propositions that reflect value for money and convenience as well as retailers in health and wellness areas.

L1 believes that a combination of store and online assets, combined with state of the art analytics and logistics, will drive growth in the next 10 to 20 years. Unique business models offering efficient growth platforms and best in class management teams will feature prominently in L1 Retail’s investment choices.

The L1 Retail investment team, led by Managing Partner Stephan DuCharme, has over 70 years of combined investment and retail sector expertise.

We have built an investment advisory board of internationally renowned retail sector specialists, which will support us in following our investment themes and in driving the best value out of the businesses we support. John Walden, former CEO of Home Retail Group, drove the digitalisation of Argos, and Clive Humby, one of the founders of dunnhumby, is a data scientist and will add value through helping our businesses get the most from their customer through data analysis.

L1 Retail Team

The L1 Retail Team is responsible for sourcing, screening and presenting investment opportunities for approval by the L1 Holdings Board. Once investments are made, the L1 Retail Team is responsible for the strategy and operational performance of the retail investment portfolio.