Health professional assisting a customer

L1 Health

L1 Health aims to invest up to $3 billion in the global healthcare sector over the next two to three years with the goal of making meaningful investments in businesses that we can support and help grow over a long-term investment horizon.

“Our goal is to not only
generate positive returns
for our investors but more
importantly, to facilitate
the delivery of higher
quality healthcare
at a lower cost”.

Meghan FitzGerald,
Managing Partner of L1 Health

Leading Healthcare Team with a Unique Approach to Investing

Based in New York, L1 Health has assembled a team of seasoned deal professionals and industry executives whose mission is to source and execute investments in premier healthcare assets with strong fundamentals and sustainable demand trends..

Our approach focuses on long-term value creation, providing L1 Health the ability to underwrite hold periods longer than a typical private equity fund. In addition, we have the flexibility to invest across the capital structure through control and minority investments and provide creative capital solutions to all stakeholders.

We believe our industry knowledge and long-term, flexible investing strategy makes L1 Health an ideal capital partner for management teams looking to execute a long-term strategic vision.

The L1 Health investment team is supported by an Advisory Board consisting of internationally respected senior healthcare executives. The Advisory Board provides independent advice on investment strategies, theses and specific opportunities.

Investment Focus

The healthcare sector is rapidly evolving, creating unique investment opportunities for L1 Health.

Fueled by favorable demographic trends and advancements in technology, L1 Health believes that there is ample opportunity in the healthcare sector for value creation.

We are currently evaluating opportunities in life sciences services, manufacturing, distribution, tools and diagnostics. This focus will likely expand and evolve, keeping pace with the broader healthcare landscape.

Trends in Healthcare Industry

L1 Health is looking for investments that take advantage of numerous trends in the healthcare industry, including:

  • The search for more efficient healthcare delivery, especially for aging populations
  • The implementation of technology and data analytics that measure quality and control costs in healthcare expenditures
  • Rapid advancements in biopharmaceuticals
  • The growing desire among the middle class in emerging markets for quality healthcare
  • Consumers’ increasing focus on seeking control over their wellness and healthcare costs
  • The expanding locations and modalities by which people receive healthcare services
  • The discovery of new healthcare diagnostics and treatments via genomic science

Key characteristics of attractive acquisition opportunities include:

  • Companies that play valuable and strategic roles in the healthcare value chain
  • Stable and consistent revenue growth rates
  • High free cash flow generation