Our businesses

Our investments are focused on the energy, telecoms and technology, health and retail sectors through our four main business units, L1 Energy, L1 Technology, L1 Health and L1 Retail.

L1 Energy

L1 Energy’s ambition is to build a new world-class, safe and sustainably growing global oil and gas company.

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L1 Technology

L1 Technology is making strategic investments in leading digital pioneer businesses, which are disrupting traditional business models and which can benefit from the larger customer reach of telecoms operators.

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L1 Health

L1 Health, which is based in New York, is currently looking at investment opportunities in life sciences services, manufacturing, distribution, tools and diagnostics.

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L1 Retail

L1 Retail is investing in retail businesses that have potential to become leaders in their segments and markets in Europe, including UK, and emerging markets.

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L1 Treasury

L1 Treasury is the financial investment arm of L1. It aims to generate shareholder value through a portfolio of financial investments in public and private equity, real estate, hedge funds, trading strategies, credit and direct lending.

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